Releasing Potential for Change

Looking for a high impact, innovative solution to enhance team performance?

We empower teams to realise their full potential.

Through working with horses, our aim is to encourage a culture of trusting relationships and open communication. We create an environment that allows for the appreciation of each other’s strengths, the impact of their strengths on the team as a whole and how they can be exploited to effectively achieve common goals.

Either as a stand-alone team building event, or as an innovative addition to a broader programme, equine guided team development positively impacts productivity.

This afternoon helped us to identify strengths and challenges for the team, but in a non-threatening and fun way. We learnt a lot about ourselves as colleagues and friends” Hampshire County Council, Substance Misuse Team

Developing the leaders people choose to follow

Are you training managers or developing leaders with presence?

Great leaders engage, inspire and motivate. They build trust and respect through authentic communication.  This requires self-awareness, resilience and clarity, plus the ability to access emotional intelligence and adapt to the needs of the moment. These core qualities are required when working with horses.

Our ‘Art of Leadership’ programme provides a powerful, experiential learning dynamic that has been proven to increase the impact of broader leadership development training. We combine hands-on exercises with short, theoretical sessions to discuss the underlying metaphors presented, including:

• Leading positions and leadership styles
• The comfort zone of employees
• Communication without a mask
• 360-degree feedback
• Trust and respect

“Gifted leadership occurs where heart and head – feeling and thought – meet.” Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence.

Re-energise, re-evaluate and re-focus your business

Try a different kind of away day

Enjoy a change of environment by holding your business meeting in our beautiful country house setting, away from daily distractions. Combine with half a day of guided team building activities with our horses. We guarantee you will leave refreshed and with renewed enthusiasm to face your business challenges.

Why horses are effective facilitators of change

The science of equine guided learning.

Horses excel in the instinctual, sensory and emotional aspects of intelligence. They are masters of non-verbal communication, which can account for more than 90% of human interaction.

They provide immediate, accurate feedback through their acute sensitivity to non-verbal signals. In nature, the horses’ reliance on congruent leadership and good communication for their survival means they instinctively recognise your ability to act with clarity of intention.  By working with horses, people gain insight into the true nature of communication and how it significantly impacts working relationships.

Experiential learning with horses facilitates whole brain learning, involving the emotional and creative parts of the brain rather than just the logical. This stimulates change at a deep neurological level, which is why learning with horses goes in deep and “sticks”.

About Tower House Horses

Tower House Horses is an established equine assisted learning facility, situated in the heart of the Hampshire downlands with excellent road and rail connections (close to M3, A303, A34 and one hour by train direct from Waterloo). Co-directors Susie Little and Jo Simpson share a lifelong passion for horses combined with a wealth of business experience. Susie’s previous career spanned 20 years in public relations; Jo worked in international banking for 19 years, leading client service and project teams. Jo is a qualified coach & mentor through the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Initial training with Equine Assisted Qualifications (EAQ) provided a strong foundation for the planning and facilitation of equine assisted learning. As Qualified Members of The European Association for Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE), Tower House Horses facilitators are able to deliver The Art of Leadership Seminar.

The welfare of our herd is a priority: we believe in the highest standards of care for our equine partners who enjoy a relaxed, natural outdoor life, just as horses should.

Tower House Horses CIC (Community Interest Company) was established in November 2012 as a social enterprise, providing equine assisted learning for designated communities such as adults in recovery from substance misuse. A percentage of fees from our corporate clients is used to support our community interest work.

Suzie Little and Jo Simpson


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