March 26, 2015 Jo Simpson

“Be yourself or be by yourself”

I.C Collins, author and educator, recognises the importance of authenticity and emotional intelligence in communication with others as Susie Little explains.

“When you are authentic and emotionally intelligent you will have great influence over others. When used to influence others, emotional intelligence requires knowing your strengths and your present emotional state (self- awareness); knowing how to manage the moment you are in (self-management); knowing what’s important to your customers and how they’ll perceive your message (social awareness); and knowing how to forge a connection with decision makers (relationship management). These skills can be developed individually through practice.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself.  The difficulty is in recognising these attributes in ourselves, which is why working with horses as training partners is so effective.  In our interaction with them, they reflect our emotional state with a speed and accuracy which seems uncanny.  Well worth exploring horses as an integral part of any training and development programme, for the powerful metaphors for corporate life which they present and the non-judgemental way in which they help us to gain insights into our team performance and leadership style.  Experiencing is believing, so try a taster session – you’d be more than welcome.