March 19, 2015 Susie Little

Breaking out of your comfort zone

Overcoming fear of horses was a powerful, mind-blowing experience for Jenny Todd of No Nonsense Business Support

Fear of horses makes perfect sense. There is no disgrace in showing a healthy respect for over 300kg of power and athleticism.  Most participants in team development days at Tower House Horses have their anxiety allayed right away when they learn riding isn’t part of the programme. For some, however, fear of any kind can be a roadblock in the way of a powerful learning experience.

Jenny Todd explains how she faced down her fear.

“I have always been deeply afraid of horses.  That was, until I was cajoled by a friend to join in with a team building day at Tower House Horses. Even on the journey there, I was cold and clammy, needing to stop several times for the bathroom – and asking myself why on earth had I agreed to this.  Imagine my fear when we entered the field to meet the horses!  

I was given Tommy.   Somehow he understood immediately that I was afraid.  In that first activity my anxiety melted away and Tommy quickly broke down my fear.  We had an instant bond and I felt elated and actually a great sense of achievement.

The whole day was a revelation, with no one more surprised than me, that not only did I take part in every aspect with a sense of calm – I was very much part of the team – with my colleagues and the horses. I was blown away by the experience. ”

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